Sword Princess Yukisaki returns in a new adventure!

Page 21 - Do not do this terrible thing.
26th Oct 2018, 4:54 PM
Do not do this terrible thing.
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The tale thus far: In the dark realm, into which she was cast by a demon minion's portal enchantment, Princess Yuki has met talking ravens, a headless general who wears a golden mask, and a renegade witch princess called Mika who has taken Yuki's magical sword, the Voice of Thunder! Adding to Yuki's woes, the dark realm seems to be having an effect on her physical appearance: she is growing horns.

As we rejoin the story Princess Mika has threatened to do a number on a wounded rabbit samurai unless he tells her the whereabouts of his evil master, Lord Neko. Calling Lord Neko evil may seem rather subjective but he killed Mika's father and conquered this realm and transformed its inhabitants into animal creatures, so....

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